Healthy Man


The best exercise for your abs? Stop eating Rubbish. You game?

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Detox then Rebuild Yourself.

A custom cleanse program for the bros. This program consists of 2 parts and runs over 10 days:

1. Liquids only for 7 days - everything you need for this part of the program is provided by us

2. Structured Rebuild guide for 3 days to set you up for long lasting healthy + sustainable results.

This is where more participation from you is necessary. We map out all the info you need for this phase and supply some liquid goodness during this phase too. You get to make / source the food to set you up with healthy food + snacks that make it simple (and delish) to retain your post-cleanse results and form healthy habits. The rebuild guide is your structured + easy road map to follow after your cleanse to take the guess work out of what fuel is best to keep your body burning fat, your brain sharp and unlock energy.  


Note: For maximum freshness and nutrient density, this program requires 3 deliveries (or store pick-ups). 

For detailed program info contact us: +61 3 9645 3356 / 

This program is available within VIC only. Please contact us for interstate delivery and program options.


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