Healthy Man

Now is the time. GAME ON.

A one of a kind cleanse and rebuild program designed especially for the bros, to melt fat and build muscle.

This is about a new lifestyle. The aim? Detoxify. Get lean. Stay on track.

This program runs over a 10 day period, split into:

1. 7 day cleanse [juice only]

2. 3 day rebuild phase [less juice...more food (made / sourced by you...guided every step of the way by us.) Includes a detailed food plan, recipes and guidance to set healthy habits and create long-term results].


Healthy Man is designed to get your body into fat burning mode, fast, and we teach you how to stay there for a healthy new lifestyle.

We've done all the hard work for you. It's quick, simple and easy to stay on track with this game-changing challenge.

It's packed full of goodness for your body and mind and teaches you everything you need to stay clear and light.

What others are saying

"Game won! 6.5kg down, improved sleep, attention, focus, mood and skin. The healthy man cleanse has been a great experience for both me and my son...Thanks to the whole @greenestreetjuice team for the support & guidance throughout the program." 

Peter Ramsey | Founder and Director, GLP Group

The results of this program are truly inspiring from men of all walks of life. Check out what others are saying under Press + Raves and see incredible results at #menwhocleanse on instagram.  

For detailed program info contact us: +61 3 9645 3356 // 

Healthy Man

The best exercise for your abs? Stop eating Rubbish. You game? Your mission should you choose to accept it: Detox then Rebuild Yourself. A custom cleanse program for the bros. This program


Enjoy the experience of exceptional energy. Welcome to your new beginning.