275 mls // The perfect combination to deeply hydrate, restore balance and calm any time of day.

5 stage reverse osmosis alkaline filtered water [designed to remove 99.9% of all contaminants, viruses, bacteria and chemicals from drinking water], enhanced with detox + gut health all rounder raw organic apple cider vinegar and a carefully selected combination of pure therapeutic essential oils:

Frankincense // the oil of Truth. Emotional balance

Geranium // restores confidence. Protects against environmental stress. Repairing + restorative

+ Meditation Australian Bush Flower essence


BUNDLE & SAVE. Buy and 4 functional waters for $30. See 4 pack in related items below.


Made in collaboration with Alternative Way Co. A Health and wellbeing company specialising in doTerra essential oils for vibrant health, happiness and wellbeing. To learn more about how you can use essential oils for better physical and emotional wellbeing, visit: www.alternativewayco.com


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