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Super Mum Snack Pack


Life doesn't come with a comes with a mother! We think you are amazing! 

We have designed a naturopathically curated 8 pack for new mums. The ultimate form of "fast food" to super boost your daily nutrition + support energy. 

Note: This juice pack is not a cleanse. It is designed to provide healthy snacks that nourish and support new mums boost nutrient intake + energy. 

This snack pack comes with a guide developed by the team GSJ naturopath on how to best incorporate the pack as snacks over a few days and other hints and tips on how to best nourish and nurture yourself as a new mum. 

Hear from our GSJ Team Naturopath, Jen, about what's in this pack and why. Click here to view video.  

BONUS OFFER: The first 50 orders receive a 15% off voucher from Pono Probiotics to help bring balance back to your belly and support good gut health for your entire family.   


Please note:

*No substitutions to 8 pack 

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: contact us at or call (03) 9645 3356