This month, GSJ Loves...

...all things self-care and gratitude. We’re focused on transitioning with the seasons and saying thank you to those who we love with this curated top 5.

The Seasonal Immunity Menu

What it is: A fresh menu, formulated by our in house Naturopath with the demands of a season change in mind. The Immunity cleanse features our best antioxidant and adaptogenic superstars to boost defences during cold and flu season. If you’re after targeted immune support while you cleanse - this menu is our top pick.

Why we love it: Being our seasonal menu, Immunity is suitable for all cleanse experience levels (from a first-time cleanser, right up to the guru.) It offers a broad spectrum dose of nutrients and antioxidants that are bursting with natural anti-viral ingredients. There are oodles of anti-inflammatories, alongside a deep detox and gut health focus. This menu is also chock-a-block with adaptogens to nourish a healthier stress response, which in turn fosters more vibrant immunity.

Where to get it: Get your hands on the seasonal, 100% organic cleanse here.

 GSJ - Immunity Cleanse

The Healthy Woman Program

What it is: Our most comprehensive program, Naturopathically tailored for women. This is the longest GSJ program we offer, so it’s all about total lifestyle transformation. The structure has been specially designed to get into fat-burning mode, fast, and restore vitality & glow. To begin, you’ll do 7 days of all liquid cleansing (10 elixirs per day) followed by 3 days of a gentle rebuild to the new you.

Why we love it: It’s the longest of our programs and also the best supported.  We teach you how to harness your natural fat-burning mode ongoing and pave the way for a healthy new lifestyle. There are more elixirs included than all our other programs as well as day by day menu variation and a huge amount of information provided to you in the Healthy Woman and Rebuild Ebooks so it’s very beginner-friendly.

Where to get it: Get started with the program here… it’s a game-changer!

 GSJ - Healthy Women

The Super Mum Snack Pack

What it is: Superfuel for super mums. This pack is not a cleanse - instead it’s been designed to provide one-handed nourishment to some of the busiest bods about (in conjunction with a healthy diet.) Bioavailable nutrition will give back much-needed nourishment and vitality to the new & busy mums of our community, so they can keep on keeping on, being amazing at everything they do.

Why we love it: We simply could not list our May favourites without including this one! This month we saw a different kind of Mothers Day, with a little more distance to it. Community feedback has told us that while a lot of new mummas miss cleansing regularly (which is not recommended in pregnancy or breastfeeding) having 100% organic juices, smoothies and broths available as snacks are the next best thing.

Where to get it: You can nourish the Mumma in your life here.

 GSJ - Super Mum Snack Pack

Essential Oil of the month

What it is: The aptly named Mother Oil, Geranium.

Why we love it: This floral beauty is a master of the balancing act. With an affinity for moods, stress and hormones, geranium has been used to promote emotional stability. It’s also a skin queen - encouraging vibrancy and a youthful complexion. 

Where to get it: Visit our Flagship Elixir bar or email for your very own bottle. We can also arrange self-ordering with a personal doTERRA account if you prefer!

Crystal of the month 

What it is: Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional + universal love.

Why we love it: It’s all about the heart with Rose Quartz and showing love for yourself and others is the GSJ way. This stone carries a soft feminine energy and has been linked to feelings of compassion, peace, tenderness and healing… yes please, what’s not to love!

Where to get it: Drop by our Flagship elixir bar for your pick of a selection of beautiful and individual rose quartz stones.  If you’re after something very special, reach out to our Customer Care team at and we can also source a custom or larger stone, just for you.



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