Pumpkin + Lemongrass Soup


100% organic: filtered water, low FODMAP variety of pumpkin, white potato, lemongrass,cinnamon, pink salt, house-made vegetable stock*

* Kale/Tomato/Pumpkin (low FODMAP variety such as Jap)/Lemongrass/Ginger/Bay leaves/Basil/Sage/Rosemary


Dose: 375mls
Veg serves: 3.2
Fruit serves: 0
Low sugar: 3.2% all natural, never added
Shelf life: 7 days

Naturopath note: This soup is fructose friendly, vegan and compliant with the current Monash Low FODMAP list (AKA suitable for all your dietary needs.)  Our cool weather favourite supports weight loss pathways, improves metabolic function and boosts digestion. Made with love by Organic Provedore for Greene Street Juice. To be enjoyed hot.

Mantra: Keep a cool head and a warm heart.

Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.