Healthy Woman


This is about a lifestyle transformation. Specially designed for women to get into fat burning mode, fast, and restore vitality & glow. We teach you how to harness your natural fat burning mode ongoing and pave the way for a healthy new lifestyle. Our most comprehensive program. Naturopathically tailored for women

+ Detoxify
+ Rejuvenate
+ Stay on track for good

This program runs over a 10 day period, split into 2 phases:

Phase 1: 7 day cleanse [juice only]

Phase 2: 3 day rebuild phase. Less juice...more food [made / sourced by you...guided every step of the way by us]. Includes a detailed food plan, simple recipes and guidance to lock in long-term results.

We've done all the hard work for you. It's quick, simple and easy to stay on track with this life changing challenge. Click on the nutritional info tab to see everything you get to set you up for success.

Check out our preview menu to the Healthy Woman Cleanse here

What to expect:

"I feel absolutely amazing! I noticed a huge change in my energy levels. I felt lighter. I was getting out of bed much easier in the morning and I overall felt like a better version of myself."

Anna Weatherlake | Eco Warrior

Our most comprehensive program.

1. 7 day cleanse period includes 8 elixirs per day, plus daily fat burner shot AND dep detox elixir (10 items per day). Menu varies per day.

2. 3 day rebuild component involves more participation from you so you can ease back to foodie life, but with all the support + info you need to stay on track for good, navigating the best snacks and the optimal way to eat to keep your digestive fire strong and vital.

Includes: Naturopathically formulated guide with education, recipes and pro-tips to set you up with a strong & sustainable foundation for your fresh new slate.

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Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.