Juice Detox Melbourne

Actively cleansing gives your body a well deserved break. It allows metabolic organs to rest & renew for improved overall function by removing the burden of heavy, old, unwanted toxins & energy. In doing this, you'll create the space you need to receive a new found sense of radiance, vitality & clarity [yes please!]

Ready to start your detox juice? Melbourne based Greene Street Juice Co, provide our tribe with fresh 100% organic juice cleanses, delivered directly to their front door! Put your best foot forward and ‘let shit go’ - we promise you won’t regret it. Read More

Discover Why We Provide the Best Juice Detox in Melbourne!

We’re all for getting the most out of life and believe that health is the most important asset you have. Using the power of organic juice cleansing our ever-growing community are letting sh!t go, detoxifying their minds and bodies and living their best lives.

Our juice detoxes have been designed by our in-house qualified health professional to;

Improve gut health

Reducing bloating, easing discomfort and supporting a health digestive system

Increase energy levels

Providing your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, plus boosting your daily fruit and veg count. Did you know that 4 out of 5 Aussie Adults don’t meet the minimum requirements for health in fruit and vegetables each day? Have you had your 2 and 5 today?

Boost immunity

Containing a huge amount of antioxidants, adaptogens and plant magic to encourage the healthy development of immune cells, help the body better cope with stress and reduce inflammation.

Kick start weight loss

Creating the conditions for natural fat burning to occur

We’re diligent about the details, so at Greene street Juice our cleanse programs will always be:

  1. Naturopathically formulated, every time so you get a balanced cleanse day
  2. 100% organic - if we can’t source produce organic, we simply don’t make it! Did you know that a University of California study found that just one week of eating organic food reduced pesticides in the body significantly?
  3. Less than 3% sugar (always naturally occurring, never added)
  4. Sure to meet, and beat, your daily requirements for fruit, vegetables and hydration. With up to 28.2 serves of vegetables in each cleanse day!
  5. Served in stylish custom glass bottles to support planet earth (did you know glass is 100% recyclable?) as well as prevent plastic leaching and contact with PBA’s.

Customer Service at its Finest!

Your experience is important to us. We’re all about ease and grace, ensuring the cleanse experience you have is as much about the journey as the destination. Our team is available to support before, during and after your cleanse. We love questions! Detox juice cleansing is our favourite topic and our friendly cleanse consultants are here to support you via phone, email or in person at our award winning Prahran Elixir Bar. For anything more complicated, we offer clinical support with our in house health professional.

We understand the positive influence a face to face chat or over the phone conversation can provide. This is why our Prahran Elixir Bar and community hub is open 7 days per week for those looking to purchase a juice detox in Melbourne.

Ready to learn more? You’re our kind of human! Check out the knowledge hub on our website for an introduction to detoxing; the signs and symptoms of excess toxicity and what happens to your body when cleansing… plus much much more.

A Fresh and Natural Juice Detox, Delivered Melbourne Wide!

It is never too late to take control of your life. Browse our Signature Cleanse Programs or personalise your experience with a custom cleanse, crafted just for you by our in house health professional. Schedule your juice detox Melbourne delivery today, We also deliver juice detox in Sydney, Brisbane & other major areas across Australia. Self care looks good on you.

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Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.