Super Mum Snack Pack


Life doesn't come with a comes with a mother! Mums, we think you're amazing. With all the nurturing and support you give everyone else, you deserve a curated pack just for you. Designed to give back much needed nourishment and vitality to new & busy mums, so they can keep on keeping on, being amazing at everything they do.

Naturopathically designed for:

+ The ultimate form of "fast food" to super boost daily nutrition + support energy & vitality.

+ Perfect for new & busy mums whose energy bank is depleted and needs a top-up.

Note: This juice pack is not a cleanse. It is designed to provide healthily, nutrient-dense snacks. The pack comes with a guide developed by our in-house naturopath (a mum to 2 young boys!) on how to use the pack as snacks over a few days, plus tips on how to squeeze in simple rituals to make deposits back into your energy bank.


Contents: 8 items - click nutritional info tab for details
Calories (kj): 771 (3224 kJ)
Veg serves: 11.2
Fruit serves: 2.4
Sugar: Low sugar. Only 3% (naturally occurring, never added)


100% organic ingredients.

Choc Maca: filtered water, activated almonds, vegan protein powder*, raw cacao, maca, mesquite, maple syrup

The New Yorker: filtered water, activated cashews, banana, cashew butter, vanilla infusion, vegan protein powder, pine pollen, cordycepts

Central Park: cold pressed juice base: celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, parsley - blended with banana, avocado, chia, kale leaf powder, collard greens powder, sprouted bio-fermented pea fibre, broccoli sprout powder, natural sea mineral complex [from wild harvested seaweed]

2 x Chicken Bone Broth (or vegan option: Sea Vegetable & Mushroom broth / Fructose Friendly substitute: Pure Celery Juice)

Easy Being Greene: cucumber, apple, celery, kale, lemon, mint 

Pure Celery Juice

Pure Watermelon Juice


Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.