Don't be afraid to grow, end bad habits, leave soul-crushing jobs, cut off unhealthy relationships and toxic people. AKA "let shit go". Detox your body. Transform your life. That's what we did...


Welcome to Greene Street Juice Co. By landing here, we already know that you're our kind of person! Committed to being your best and squeezing the most out of life (pun intended!). You're ready to take the steps you’ve been wanting to let go of what's holding you back (aka "let shit go"), reset your health and get into the best shape of your life. You want to get amongst what's actually working in the world of wellness, with the support of a like-minded community who want to see you succeed. You're in the right place. We're here to take care of you. 

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We're all suffering from the same condition

We see them every day. The walking exhausted. We've been there. Bloated, tired, carrying a few extra kg's around the mid-section that just won't budge. We think you're doing a beautiful job of figuring out this wild and crazy ride called life. But where do you even start? Overwhelmed and feeling like you've lost your shine? Your digestion has felt average for as long as you can remember. You've barely got enough energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone make it through the day...but when it’s finally time to sleep, you’re so wired, with the to-do list that you didn’t get to spinning around your head. It's so frustrating and it's a cycle stuck on repeat. ...But there is no time to stop and do anything about it. And don't even start on getting the recommended ORGANIC fruit and veggies in each day, let alone exercise and meditation!  While we are all unique. We’re all suffering from the same condition. Modern day life. We get it!

This changed everything

In 2012, we discovered the power of juice cleansing and it transformed our lives. We noticed that as we physically let shit go through our cleanse process, it had unexpected flow on effects to all areas of our life. Physically AND emotionally. Since then, we've proudly helped thousands of other people across Australia do the same: feel better, think better and look better with our naturopathically designed, results-driven, 100% organic juice cleanse programs. We can't wait for you to discover the transformational results when you detox your body. It goes way beyond the physical! It changes everything - mindset, energy, attitude, drive and ongoing lifestyle choices.   

Proudly Australian made + owned...but our story starts at 95 Greene Street in New York City

Our big dream was born in the city of dreams in 2012. We are Steve and Natalie, co-founders of Greene Street Juice Co. It was at number 95 Greene Street, while living in NYC, that we unexpectedly found our way back to nature and back to ourselves. This was the beginning of a new way of life for us. We let go of old habits and found a new way of seeing, a new way of living and nourishing mind, body and spirit. Taking a leap from years in a legal career, Natalie jumped heart first into studying yoga teacher training and integrative nutrition in NYC. It was during this time that we discovered juice cleansing. It changed everything for us. It was as if we had unlocked the secrets to living a happy and healthy life and since that day we have made it our mission to bottle this goodness and share it with YOU! We want to encourage you to let go of what no longer serves you... let go of the baggage... and emerge feeling lighter and brighter than ever before. 

New York Scenes

In 2014, we flew home to Australia with a vision for Greene Street Juice Co. A place to share what we had learned and experienced in NYC on how to quickly reset, rejuvenate and find balance in the daily urban experience. We know first hand the effects of working too many hours, feeling stressed and stretched to the limit, having "just one more" wine and living with too little sleep.

Life's too short to feel: 

X sluggish and exhausted

X constantly bloated and uncomfortable in the skin you're in

X overweight and frustrated

X overwhelmed and anxious

X repeatedly sick

X foggy and unfocused

X drab and dull

So we're here to restore you, not only back to your best, but better than ever before with organic, low-sugar juice cleanse programs and products designed for transformational results:

/ rejuvenate + restore

/ fast + healthy weight loss

/ nourishing

/ better sleep

/ energy + mental clarity  

/ glowing skin

/ anti-aging

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We juice smart

We're here to do all the hard work for you, fusing ancient healing practices and age-old ingredients with cutting-edge nutritional science to help you thrive in the modern world. Unfortunately, juicing done wrong can be a total shit storm. Spiking blood sugar levels and triggering the kind of sugar overload that sends your body into metabolic chaos. And if it's not organic, you'll be dumping a chemical cocktail straight into the body. But done right, the benefits of your juice cleanse goes well beyond the consumption of nutrients. Doing the right juice cleanse program for you, paves the way for an upgraded life. It contributes to rewiring eating habits, dropping excess weight, turns your body into a natural fat burning machine and unlocks enormous amounts of energy. It gets rid of all the shit that's been holding you back!

The support you deserve

We know that your health is your most precious asset. It's our most important priority when serving you. That's why we have an in-house team naturopath available to you - at no extra charge - to make sure you get the support you deserve.

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What others are saying

We recently asked our tribe to tell us the benefits they've experienced from doing a Greene Street Juice cleanse. We were blown away by the number of responses we received. Too many to list here, but here is a small sample of what people said.

"I tried my first GSJ cleanse recently and absolutely loved it! I felt lighter, had more energy & my skin glowed by the end! Best of all I loved the taste of all the juices and missed them once my cleanse was over!" - Jane

"A one day Greene Street Juice cleanse leaves me feeling lighter, brighter and happier all round. I honestly can’t get enough of these wonder juices." - Miranda

"Have done the cleanse a hand full of times now and there is no better way to reset your body and mind! The feeling you get on the 3rd day and when you finish the cleanse is magical and I am always left feeling clean, light and free!" - Grace

"I had been on very strong meds because I got sick overseas so I really needed a cleanse. My GSJ cleanse was perfect. I felt lighter, healthier, had more energy, had less brain fog, lost a bit of weight, and had the peace of mind that I was cleansing my body from all the nasty but necessary meds. Loved my cleanse." - Marcie

"After flying interstate for surgery, I was focused on making my body mine again, and gave your 5 day cleanse a try to reset and recharge back into normal life a few weeks after! Helped my digestion and energy levels so much and was feeling the benefits for a long time." - Viv

"Hands down the best thing I've EVER done for my health!!! Mum & I did a 5 day cleanse, the first one of our lives & absolutely LOVED IT!!!" - Bailey

"The BEST juice cleanse I have done!! (And I’ve tried 'em all!) Plus you gotta go organic! My body absolutely loves me after the GSJ cleanse. Keep up the great work guys." - Ilana

"I have done a Greene Street Juice cleanse and it’s benefits are incredible. You feel mentally clearer, your skin is brighter and your whole outlook is positive with a new found motivation. I can not recommend more highlyI" - Lyla

"I’ve done a GSJ cleanse twice before, and both times I’ve felt afterwards the benefits for multiple weeks, this included bloating gone, clear mind, skin cleared up completely and a new found energy. Definitely worth the money but also tests your inner willpower and strength to complete it" - Lucy

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Ps: We're in this together

If you’re here to learn more about whether to jump in or not, we'd love to encourage you to try it. We have a tribe of thousands of people who have successfully let shit go, said goodbye to unhealthy habits for good and completely transformed their lives. Embrace the experience and see what it does for you. Juice cleansing, when done right and with proper support, can become one of the most healthy, convenient and best ways that you can empower yourself to live the healthiest version of you. We can’t tell you that it will solve all of your health issues or promise a "cure all"... but we do believe that juice cleansing could be the one chance you get to completely transform your did for us. What have you got to lose? ...maybe some inches from your waistline and those lingering unhealthy habits that you've been trying to shift?

Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.