Functional water created for physical & emotional wellbeing.

Reverse osmosis alkaline filtered water [designed to remove 99.9% of all contaminants, viruses, bacteria and chemicals from drinking water], enhanced with detox + gut health all-rounder: raw organic apple cider vinegar, organic maple syrup [low GI natural wholefood sweetener], therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil, therapeutic grade geranium essential oil, meditation essence*.

* Australian Bush Flower Essence combination to enhance intuition and access deeper meditation: anglesword, boronia, bush fuschia, bush iris, fringed violet, green spider orchid, red lily.

*Bundle & save. Get any 4 x functional waters for $30*


Dose: 275mls
Shelf life: Long life. Refrigeration not required.

Naturopath note: The perfect combination to deeply hydrate, restore balance and calm any time of day. Frankincense essential oil is the energetic oil of truth and it's used to help restore emotional balance. Geranium essential oil is used to restore confidence and protect against environmental stress, both physically and emotionally.

Mantra: I am in perfect balance.

Equilibrium Water Nutritional Panel

Organic. Low Sugar. Real Results.