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We care about health. 

100% organic. 100% of the time.

The cardinal rule of cleansing is that it must be organic; otherwise you are flooding the body with the same toxins you wish to release. We believe this causes more harm than good. Studies have shown that a relatively short period of organic food consumption can reduce your pesticide levels by 90%[1].  Now imagine that these organic foods are liquid and completely bioavailable to your body? We believe this to be the best possible approach and we wouldn’t provide it for you any other way.  

Not all juice is created equal

This is no ordinary juice. We use a combination of organic herbal extracts, medicinal grade essential oils and consciously sourced super foods to bring you exquisite elixirs: delicious, genuine, functional and healthy (for real). 

Cold pressed

Cold pressed juice is the most superior-quality juice available. The process extracts pure life force energy without producing heat or oxidizing the produce. It is hands down the most efficient way to deliver enzymes, oxygen and vitamins directly into the blood stream.  We create with love, it takes time and dedication. 

Why do we do this? Because not all juicing methods are created equal. Choice Australia tested this in 2007 by sending samples from both cold-pressed and centrifugal juicers to be tested for their vitamin and mineral content.  The results were clear – cold pressing rendered in some cases double the nutrient value.[2]   The commonly used noisy centrifugal juicers may be quicker and seem easy, however, heat created by their fast spinning blades causes damage to the integrity of the produce. The juice doesn’t hold up over time because the quality is lacking.

“When the grinding wheel rotates against a resistance with insufficient access of air, positive electricity is produced and induces negative electricity on the surrounding wall. The exchange of positive and negative ions kills the oxidizing enzymes and renders the juice deficient.”
– Dr. Max Gerson, MD 

We use local and seasonally sourced produce. Nature’s gifts of beauty, rich and rare.

We believe that fresh is best. Our elixirs and seasonal cleanses alter dependant on the season for exactly this reason.  Produce that is out of season is not local. It has travelled far, in varying temperatures to reach you.  A number of studies have proven that the longer your food spends travelling from farm to plate impacts its nutrient content[3].  Vitamin and mineral content falls across the board the longer that journey becomes.  Because of this, we prefer to use local suppliers.  This will minimise travel and handling, allowing the organic goodness to reach you in its most ideal form. 

We bottle our elixirs in glass.

Glass is 100% recyclable, it can literally be recycled forever[4].  It won’t leech chemicals into your juice and is the safest, most sustainable method of delivering our organic elixirs to you. Glass is the only food storage option recognised by the label of GRAS or “Generally Recognised as Safe.”[5] Although more expensive and difficult for us to use, the price is worth paying for your health. 

We make your cleanse to order

Our elixirs are made fresh to order for each and every one of our cleansers. We do not pasteurize our elixirs, as doing so kills the fragile vitamins, minerals and live enzymes we diligently cold press to preserve. All these things and more ensure that the nutrient of the elixir that arrives to you is as vibrant as you’ll feel after your cleanse.


We see you and you are amazing! You have your own unique needs and goals. We appreciate that no one customer is exactly the same and provide you with the support to choose the best products for your life, your style and sustainable success.  We are with you every step of the way. We will advise you on what to do and when to do it, how to troubleshoot and support your cleanse journey to ensure that it’s a great one. We’re in this together.

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