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Cleanse Programs

All of our cleanses are naturopathically designed to:

  1. nourish + hydrate your body with an abundance of fresh, organic and low fructose nutrition. This helps restore energy, radiance and vitality
  2. create the right conditions in your body to burn fat fast, while preserving muscle tone
  3. support digestion and aid in restoring a healthy gut environment

The top reasons people choose our low fructose, 100% organic cleanse programs are:

  1. to ditch that sluggish feeling + kick start healthy new habits
  2. soothe the digestive system and say goodbye to a bloated and uncomfortable stomach
  3. fast track healthy weight loss
  4. hydrate + rejuvenate skin, hair and nails
  5. gain increased energy, mental clarity + vitality
  6. strengthen the immune system

Everything you need to have the best cleanse experience and smash your health goals. You get:

  • 8 x organic elixirs each day with a menu showing you what to drink, when.
  • A detailed cleanse protocol with all our top tips for before, during and after your cleanse to ensure you reach cleanse guru status.
  • Professional Naturopathic and Nutritionist support and access to our exclusive Greene Street Juice cleanse community to help you every step of the way.

Getting started is as simple as clicking here. Let's do this together!

GSJ menus are function focused: which means every menu is designed by a health professional to meet key cleanse goals. Click here to explore all of our cleanse program options, including the option to create a custom menu for a cleanse experience that is unique to you.

You select:

  1. how many days you want to cleanse for; and
  2. when you want to get started;

...and we take care of the rest. Easy-peasy.

Need more support? Our epic customer service team would love to take care of you. Click here to contact us.

As a guide, we recommend:

1 DAY: A REFRESH + DEBLOAT. Our 1-day program will have you feeling light, bright and refreshed.

2 DAYS: INTERMITTENT FASTING. Our 5:2 Intermittent Fasting cleanse program works best for 2-day periods. It's designed to kick-start fat loss and promote a youthful metabolism, tapping into piles of evidence based research in this area. We've seen results of up to 3kg lost over 2 days on this program. (Yes, that's right. Not a typo. 2 days. 3 kg lost. So much gained.)

3 DAYS: A REFRESH + KICK START FAT LOSS. You'll get all the benefits of a 1-day cleanse, PLUS you can expect to experience some natural fat burning take place. Clients have lost 3 - 5kgs over 3 days, finally find relief from a bloated and uncomfotable stomach and emerge feeling clear, light & bright. The perfect jumping point for the new you.

5 DAYS: GUT HEALTH RESET + FAT LOSS. You can expect to naturally burn away excess fat and significantly improved digestion and gut health, bringing forth your deep inner glow, mental clarity and focus. Want to know more? Did you know that the average cell turnover time in the gut is 5 days? Imagine how nourished those cells will be with easy to digest, antioxidant rich organic juices, smoothies, soups and broths as their fuel!

7 DAYS & BEYOND: TRANSFORMATIONAL. All the benefits of 5 days PLUS deeper fat + toxin loss. You can expect to completely ditch cravings for naughty foods too. The reboot you need to feel the best you ever have. Want to know more? A 2014 RMIT study found that consuming organic foods for 7 days reduced pesticide levels in the blood by 90%! Masive gains while going about your normal daily routine for the week, sipping on the good stuff.

SPECIALIST PROGRAMS: A NEW WAY OF LIFE. A complete lifestyle reboot with added extras and support. Think naturopath and nutritionist designed post-cleanse meal plans + recipes and daily education modules for radical results. In as little as 10 days, clients have lost 10kgs + on specialist programs, lock in new daily habits and meal planning for a complete do-over that changes the course of their life.  

Note: Individual results may vary, but the above results are commonly reported by our clients.

Filmmaker Joe Cross made a legendary documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" when he went on a 60-day juice fast to lose 100 pounds (45kg!) and recover from a debilitating, autoimmune disease. Likewise, we have seen many people absolutely thrive on a 30 - 60 day juice fast. Some of our clients who like to do extended programs choose a particular month every year and make that their juice cleanse month. It's a month of unparalleled deep healing, restoration and rejuvenation. Reach out to our Customer Service team if you're ready for a new beginning and always consult with your trusted practitioner before commencing.

Generally, anytime! Personally, though, we like to do a 5 - 7 day cleanse at the beginning of each season as a way of regularly reducing toxic build up in the body and staying in harmony with seasonal changes. It's an easy healthy habit to set! We also like to maintain energy and vitality with regular cleanse days in between our extended cleanses. We love the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting program for a quick reset, energy boost and to amp up natural fat burning.

A cleanse is also a good idea whenever you are experiencing any of the following: sluggishness, brain fog, a general lack of energy, sleep disturbances, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and before/after holidays (or other events that lead to overindulging). Anytime you feel like getting rid of the old and starting fresh.

We have lots of clients who add in a cleanse day each week when they expect a busy period at work as a way of increasing energy and easily staying nourished during times of high output. Or, if a big event has crept in and a quick reboot is in order, there's nothing like hydrating the body and getting back into balance than with an abundance of bio-available, organic liquid nourishment.

Whether you are cleansing or not, adding organic Greene Street juices into your lifestyle is an easy way to amp up your daily intake of fruit and veggies and boost your health and vitality.

The ACTIVE BODY cleanse program is the most suitable for you. It has been designed to support individuals who like to maintain their workouts while cleansing, or who are just very busy. You can contact us for more information or for assistance with tailoring a cleanse specifically for your lifestyle needs.

We have supported thousands of people across Australia through cleanse programs all while maintaining their usual daily tasks and activities.

Everybody is different, and every time you cleanse the experience can be different. You may experience some mild detox symptoms, which can include: headaches, lethargy, nausea, irritability or emotional releases. This can be part of the journey and will pass. A cleanse normally shouldn't interrupt your normal daily life.

The most common cleanse journey we have observed throughout the years and across thousands of different people is:

Day 1: full of energy, feeling lighter and clearer already

Day 2: more challenging. Any detox symptoms will present here (most commonly headaches or lethargy) and tend to appear at about lunchtime. These can clear up by hydrating, however, may also stay for the remainder of the day (planning an early night here helps)

Day 3: light, clear and radiant, full of energy

Day 4: can be similar to Day 2

Day 5 and beyond: similar to Day 3 (by this stage you usually feel like you could live off juice forever! Welcome to #juicelyf )

We've put together a selection of experiences and feedback we've found from Greene Street Juice clients online (#notsponsored) to give you a first-hand view of what you can expect during your cleanse program:

Sjana Harp - 3 day juice cleanse, my experience. (Vlog)

Sarah Holloway - 5-day cleanse. (Blog)

If you haven't cleansed before, THE RESET is a good place to begin. It's suitable for most bodies, most of the time and our most popular cleanse. You will experience plenty of variety and filling smoothies at each meal as well as a well balanced approach that supports all common cleanse goals..

The great thing about 100% organic juices, smoothies, soups and broths is they are bioavailable [easily absorbed] nutrition. This means your body will have an overabundance of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to use, so it's less likely that you will feel lightheaded. 

Secondly, by including smoothies and/or soups in your cleanse menus, we are balancing the intake with fibre and more filling options - generally around meal times.

That said, if you need to eat, we have recommendations of food choices that are a good fit in your cleanse protocol. If you do feel unwell, please do contact us. We also recommend that you consult with your health professional before committing to a cleanse.

We do understand that you may feel unsure when cleansing for the first time. We can't tell you exactly how you will feel as everyone is different, but from feedback from thousands of clients across Australia and our personal experience, the process is a positive one (life changing!). In fact, most people report that it has taken them by surprise just how good cleansing feels.

Our top tip: The best possible way to ensure you feel your best on your cleanse is to prepare, prepare, prepare! Give yourself time to cut down then eliminate coffee, processed foods and added sugar in the days prior to your cleanse. This is the absolute best way of skipping any ‘detox symptoms’ associated with avoiding these while you cleanse.

Don’t forget: You shouldn't feel hungry or deprived during your cleanse and if you do feel sick or want to stop for any reason you can certainly do so. If you wish to continue your cleanse with food this is fine too: try adding in some fresh raw veggies or a light salad at dinner. We have plenty of cleanse friendly food examples for you available in the cleanse protocol that is emailed to you when ordering.

Movement is incredibly beneficial to boost detox pathways. It stimulates the lymphatic movement of toxins, encourages bowel motility, increases your lung capacity, and sweat is very purifying for the skin (also a detox organ.) There is also evidence that exercising in a fasted state boosts weight loss.

If you do like to work up a good sweat each day, the ACTIVE BODY cleanse program is the most suitable for you. It has been designed to support people who like to maintain their workouts while cleansing, while still achieving the benefits a cleanse has to offer.

Contact us for more information or for assistance with tailoring a cleanse specifically for your needs.

Preparing for a cleanse is simple and there are no strict rules or requirements, however there are some simple specifics that can make a big difference to how you feel. Once you have booked your cleanse, we will provide you with all the info you need on how to best prepare.

We will be there to support you and cheer you on through your cleanse journey. Everything you need to know about your cleanse and what to expect will be provided to you - including tips on how to deal with hunger, if this comes up for you. However, most people are surprised that they don't get hungry at all. We're tipping that you will breeze through your cleanse program and emerge with a completely different relationship with food than when you started! You've got this!

The cleanse process also helps to distinguish true, physical hunger from emotional hunger (the kind that comes from boredom, stress, habit or dehydration). This means you'll finish your cleanse feeling empowered to make more intuitive and better nutrition choices for your body.

We've had plenty of cleansers in this position... because life! Some opt to sip on water or a herbal tea for the event. Others stick to the foods listed on our food tips (you'll get this info once you have placed your order).

No! Greene Street programs arrive ready to drink and you get all the info you need to follow along with your daily plan. All you need to do is ensure your cleanse pack is properly refrigerated... drink up and enjoy the benefits (along with the extra time you'll get from not having to shop, chop, cook, or clean!).

We'll give you everything you need in our cleanse protocol to ensure you maintain that cleanse feeling! Including: how to best ease out of your cleanse and to eat in accordance with the natural cycles of the body to continue to support detox pathways and create conditions that favour natural fat burning. Welcome to your new beginning!

To experience Greene Street up close and personal, visit us at our international award-winning flagship store in Prahran. We love meeting you! You'll also get to experience our full range of curated retail products from Greene Street Juice elixirs, essential oils, crystals and more!

Chat to us about any cleanse queries before arranging your cleanse.

Our cleanses are made to order so that we can satisfy your individual needs. We absolutely love meeting you in store. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have everything in stock that you need should you show up looking to cleanse immediately.

We hate to disappoint and regularly sell out of stock as it really is impossible for us to predict sales from day to day. For this reason, we highly recommend that you book your cleanse to be cold pressed just for you with our made to order system. This takes just 48 hours and means that we can give you exactly what you need with the freshest produce available to get the best out of your cleanse.

To check on stock availability in store, contact us.

See above. We hate to disappoint and love giving you exactly what you need to get the best out of your cleanse! Pre-ordering means that we can assess your individual needs and make recommendations tailored for you.

Individual Needs

All our programs are naturopathically designed, 100% organic  and are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, meat and seafood. Every menu also has an extra-low fructose option, as well as vegan options where applicable.

If you have special dietary requirements, we can work with you to customize a tailored menu from our range that suits your needs - we even have a Nutritionist as well as a Naturopath on the team for you to speak to. Contact us to get the magic started.

All of our cleanse programs are specifically formulated by our in-house health professionals to be very low in fructose, just 3% or less.  

We also have a number of specific fructose friendly elixirs in our range to suit sensitive bellies, which we offer as an option called the “fructose friendly” version for each and every menu too.

All of our exquisite products are 100% organic and vegan with just 1 exception: our Chicken Bone Broth. All of our programs have a vegan broth option available where applicable.

We use organic, pasture raised and grass-fed chicken bones in our Chicken Bone Broth.

We use this consciously sourced collagen rich product to assist with:

  • Replenishing the body's lost collagen
  • Activating natural collagen production
  • Combatting collagenase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of collagen in the body

No. Pregnancy is not the ideal time to make any radical changes to your diet, and while our cleanses are nutrient dense, the key aim with cleansing is detoxification. Rather than focusing on cleansing now, focus your energy instead on nourishment.

Adding some of our nutrient dense beverages to your daily diet is a great way to enhance your health. Our CUSTOM JUICE PACK is excellent to support you and your growing bub. You can contact us for further specific guidance for you. However, please consult with your health care practitioner first.

We don't recommend this. As with pregnancy, this is the time to focus on self-nourishment and rebuilding any depletion acquired while growing a human into existence! Producing great breastmilk requires additional calories and a highly nutritious diet. This is not the time to cleanse, but adding some of our nutrient dense elixirs to your daily diet is a great way to support you during this time. We have worked with many new mums to help restore energy levels and boost nutrient intake. Check out the pack here.

Contact us for more information or for assistance with tailoring a nutrient dense support pack specifically for your needs.

Yes. In fact a cleanse program can be especially beneficial anywhere from days 1 - 10 of your cycle as a way of supporting optimal liver function, replenishing vitamins and minerals and balancing hormone processes through the liver. You may even find that this reduces PMS or menstrual symptoms in your next cycle. 

Due to hormonal changes, extended cleanses in the week before your period may not be a good fit, however the main priority is to listen to your body and respect your individual needs.

A cleanse can be a wonderful way to prepare for pregnancy - and we recommended that both partners get involved! It will assist the body with removing toxic build up and create the ideal environment to create a precious new life. We're proud to say that there are many "Greene Street Juice babies" out there! Contact us for more information or for assistance with tailoring a cleanse specifically for your needs. We recommend the HEALTHY MAN and HEALTHY WOMAN programs as optimal preparation ahead of your journey.

We don't recommend cleansing if:

  • you are underweight
  • you have an eating disorder (for further information check out: )
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • you have blood sugar imbalance (including diabetes, hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia)
  • you are under 16 years old
  • your health professional has advised you against it

In general it is not recommended that you cleanse while on a dose based medication. Please discuss the cleanse program with your healthcare provider if you are currently taking prescription medication.

As antibiotics can impact your gut biodiversity, we recommend cleansing once you have completed your course to rebalance digestion and provide immune support.

We do not suggest taking any vitamin supplements while on your cleanse. A huge amount of 100% organic bioavailable produce goes into every bottle so your body has all it needs. If you absolutely need to, please take your vitamins with a smoothie or soup to support digestion and absorption and if you feel unsure, ask us.

Special Occasions

Congratulations! We love supporting brides and grooms to be in the best shape of their life on their big day. Our HEALTHY MAN and HEALTHY WOMAN programs are crowd favourites. However, you can contact us for a tailor made plan in the lead up to your big day.

We love the 5:2 INTERMITTENT FASTING program as an easy to use, adaptable method of achieving proven results including more energy and kick starting weight loss.

If you have the time, a 5 or 7 day program work wonders to debloat, feed glowing skin + clear, bright eyes and enhance energy. You'll light up the room!

Weight Loss

Being extremely low in naturally occurring sugars and offering an energy deficit means that weight loss tends to occur as part of any of our cleanse programs.

By creating the conditions for natural fat burning to occur (ketosis) over the first few days, best results are seen from day 3. For this reason, weight loss goals have the focus more on length than menu choice: 5-7 days are our favourites for transformative results, or alternatively committing to a MONTHLY INTERMITTENT FASTING PACK to spread out the process over a longer period of time.

Cleansing the system and addressing hormone imbalances, removing the need to store toxins in fat cells and ridding the body of excessive fluid accumulation are also just some of the ways a cleanse will support ongoing fat loss and metabolic change. We are all at different stages of our health journey, so please reach out if you would like to support achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

There are many other amazing benefits of our cleanse programs in addition to weight loss, which include:

  1. to ditch that sluggish feeling + kick start healthy new habits
  2. soothe the digestive system and say goodbye to a bloated and uncomfortable stomach
  3. fast track healthy weight loss
  4. hydrate + rejuvenate skin, hair and nails
  5. gain increased energy, mental clarity + vitality 
  6. strengthen the immune system

Ultimately, our programs are designed to pave the way for long-lasting health and happiness.


Exposure to a vast array of chemicals is the norm in today's world. It is estimated that everyone alive today carries at least 700 contaminants within their body, the effects of which have not been well examined or understood. Low energy, poor immunity, fatigue, allergies, weight gain and numerous other health conditions can all be directly related to the toxic effects of food and drink we consume, the environments in which we live and the level of stress we experience.

It's important to appreciate the detoxifying effect of a Greene Street cleanse program occurs not just because they are loaded with vibrant fruit and veg to nourish your body... but also because of what you are not ingesting during your cleanse!

While on your 100% organic Greene Street program, you are avoiding the pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers found in conventional produce. You are also avoiding artificial flavours and colours, trans-fats and miscellaneous additives found in processed foods, plus, of course, the most common liver, alcohol, processed sugar and animal products. Skipping plastic packaging and using only glass bottles is a surefire way of avoiding plastic leaching as well. (You’re welcome.)

It's true! We have organs whose primary function is detoxification, to process and protect us from the potentially destructive effects of toxin exposure. We can either ignore the way these organs function or we can support and enhance them.

The stats show us that a modern lifestyle is not overly supportive of this. The average Australian:

  • Does not meet their fruit and vegetable minimums daily (4 out of 5 Aussies fall short) 
  • Does not drink enough water (8 out of 10 Aussies are considered chronically dehydrated!) 
  • Lives a sedentary lifestyle, with poor sleep hygiene and high stress 
  • Is exposed to more environmental chemicals than ever before.

That’s a lot of modern pressure for a detox system that was not set up for these conditions. Your Greene Street cleanse program is your secret to overcoming the inevitable build-up and sluggishness we all experience. Organ functionality is affected by the overall health of our body, so with a greater toxic load due to stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and environmental chemicals, it is sensible to boost the natural detoxification processes in your body.

  • We also add herbal extracts and potent superfoods to support liver function and to enhance digestive pathways. So, you can think of a cleanse like a super boost and revitalization of your overworked (and often sluggish) natural detoxification pathways.

Our program is designed to give you all of the bioavailable, easy-to-digest plant-based protein you need and create the conditions to burn fat and tone muscle. Because of this, our clients who report rapid weight loss during a cleanse will also show no loss or even some growth in lean muscle mass! We followed @khanhong on his HEALTHY MAN program and his bio-scan results at the end of his program showed:

  • Fat loss: 4.6kg
  • Muscle mass gain: 0.9kg
  • Mid-section fat loss: 2.7kg
  • Water weight (hydration): remained stable

If you'd like to add more protein to your cleanse, some of our favourite plant-based protein sources are: quinoa, hemp seeds, spirulina, nuts, chia seeds, beans and even kale (there is 4 grams of protein in each cup!).

We include smoothies and soups as well as juices and broths in our cleanses. These retain the plant fiber required for a healthy bowel and gut environment. If you would like to supplement your fiber intake during your cleanse, adding psyllium husk, chia seeds or slippery elm powder in a large glass of water is perfectly OK.

Welcome, friend! You are our sort of person! We're passionate about deep diving into the science of detoxification and the latest research. For all the ins and outs of cleansing and detoxification, feast on all the info in our knowledge hub here, which, just like our cleanse programs, has been expertly curated by our team naturopath.

Product Info

Our signature Greene Street glass bottles are 300mls. We carefully selected this serve size so you can consume your entire product upon opening, for maximum potency and absorption of all of the available nutrients.

Whilst we believe in counting the nutritional content of food, as opposed to calories, we understand that some people may be looking to monitor calorie intake, particularly if following a 5:2 intermittent fasting lifestyle. All nutritional information is available on our product labels. You can also find this information in our virtual home here too, in each product profile. You'll find the fruit and veg serve of each product as well.

Not all juices are created equal. There are absolutely no additives of any kind in our elixirs - including sugar. All the sugars found in our elixirs are naturally occurring in fresh organic Australian produce.

All of our cleanse programs are low sugar and have been crafted to a very low 3% total sugar (always naturally occurring) or less each day!

We diligently cold-press our 100% organic produce with love and care. We proudly don't pasteurise or pressurise our products and do not use any preservatives. It's as close as it gets to you doing the work and freshly juicing your own blends at home! The refrigerated shelf life of each product varies, but on average, it's 4 days. You can find the refrigerated shelf life of each product in the product profile.

Yep. Don't panic. We use 100% certified organic ingredients. Because your health and delivering a genuine cleanse experience is what's most important to us (otherwise you'd be ingesting the same pesticides, herbicides and antibiotic residues the body is trying to clear out during the cleanse process).

Many of the toxins we absorb come from the produce that we eat. Non-organic fruits and veggies are treated with pesticides and can contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These toxic chemicals enter our system, accumulate over time and wreak all kinds of havoc on our bodies. It's part of the reason we need to cleanse! Organic produce is free of these chemicals. It's much better for your body and way more flavorful too. Try our elixirs and you'll notice the difference!


We ship across most of VIC. Scroll down to enter your postcode to see if we can deliver the goodness to you.

Yes!. We offer Saturday deliveries in VIC metro.

Yes! We'd love to keep your health and vitality on track with a regular delivery schedule. Contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Of course! We can organise a cleanse delivery / pick-up schedule that suits you. Contact us and we will make this happen.

We work on a 72 hour order turn around and our courier partners operate Monday to Friday (VIC) Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (QLD). If you're not sure about timing, send us an e-mail, we'd be delighted to support you.

Because Greene Street Juice elixirs are not heat treated or pasteurized and do not contain any preservatives, we do need to replenish you with fresh product at least every 4 days during your cleanse. This means you have the most vibrant elixirs for your body at all times!

Depending on your start date, schedules may change. However, as a guide, you can expect:

  • 1 - 3 day cleanse: one pick up or delivery
  • 4 - 6 day cleanse: 2 pick-ups or deliveries
  • 7 or more days: 3 or more pick-ups or deliveries

Deliveries occur during business hours between 9am - 5pm. We understand that you have busy days so we can deliver to your office or a family member's / friend's place if you won't be home. We can also provide ice packs and insulation at a small additional charge if you'd like your cleanse to be left at your door and sell eco-friendly cooler bags for 1-2 cleanse boxes too.

Deliveries that are returned or require rerouting due to incorrect address, nobody home or a safe place to leave the delivery may be subject to additional charges for redelivery. When deliveries are delayed due to weather, we will do our best to alert you in advance.

When it comes to deliveries, some circumstances are beyond our control and we cannot guarantee delivery windows, refer to your delivery confirmation email for courier contact advice.

If you are not home when a delivery is made, our courier partners may leave your order at your doorstep and call you for instruction. The more information the better when booking, so if you are able to provide additional delivery instructions (e.g., leaving the delivery at the back door or with a neighbour), please do so when ordering.

While our couriers will do their best to honour these special delivery instructions, we cannot guarantee that they'll be accommodated and aren't liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from these requests.

All changes to an order must be made 48 hours prior to the next delivery date. With time sensitive requests, it is always best to phone. You can contact us here.

Your juice is fresh, 100% organic and does not contain any preservatives. It doesn't like to spend much time unrefrigerated (generally 4 hours max) so please keep this in mind when making your delivery arrangements.

Contact us if you need any assistance with delivery arrangements and logistics to suit your lifestyle.

Did you know: we sell eco-friendly Greene Street cooler bags, specifically designed to fit 1 or 2 cleanse boxes with ease? These are a fabulous option for days you need to cleanse on the go.

Cancellations and Returns

Our products are made to order and the process begins as soon as you book in. We understand that sometimes life happens, however we do require 72 hours notice via a phone call for a cancellation. All cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Orders cancelled with less than 72 hours notice are non-refundable.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

Further Support

Our products are made to order and the process begins as soon as you book in. We understand that sometimes life happens, however we do require 72 hours notice via a phone call for a cancellation. All cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Orders cancelled with less than 72 hours notice are non-refundable.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

Something went wrong, please contact us!