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What’s happening in my body while I’m cleansing?

Here’s the low down on what Greene Street cleanse programs have been designed to support in your body.


Flushed with the alkaline, nutrient filled hydration of organic juices, the Kidneys thrive. This care and attention provides an ideal environment to eliminate water based toxins and re-establish balance in the body. Think de-bloating, bye bye cankles and puffy face.


This is where we see some biggest rewards from cleansing. Normally dehydrated skin gets a big boost of hydration and skin loving nutrients when cleansing – leaving you with a more radiant complexion than ever before. Your skin says a big thank you by glowing! 


Meditation and deep breathing will really support your detoxification processes, particularly in the lungs.  The high antioxidant content of organic juice - particularly when cold pressed to order as we do at Greene Street - nourishes the lungs for optimal health and elasticity, strengthening their integrity, protecting from coughs and colds.


Organic juicing provides the liver with a break from the incessant influx of chemicals in our diets, those typical “liver loaders” (think coffee and alcohol...sad, but true). This creates space where any backlog of toxicity can be processed. We’re also flooding the body with nutrient rich liquids, antioxidants and enzymes which support detoxification pathways. If one of your goals is weight loss, a healthy liver is crucial to processing fats.


Detoxification relies on a functional digestive system to eliminate wastes.  This is nurtured by the influx of nutrient rich, organic produce in a cleanse.  We’ve seen inflammation significantly reduce and relief from symptoms like bloating, pain and digestive discomfort occur over a relatively short period of time. Because your cell turnover in the digestive system is so short, the bowel experiences great benefit from the optimal nutrition it receives in a cleanse.


A low sugar Greene Street cleanse program creates a fasting environment by including some carbohydrates, but in limited amounts. This triggers the process of Ketosis, which means that your brain (and other bodily processes) use ketones for fuel, as opposed to glucose.  Ketones are an energy source produced by burning fatty tissues. In Ketosis you should notice an energy boost, allowing you to feel better - more consistently - during the day. Most people report increased memory retention and a balanced mood as well.

Because ketones are now fuel (not just for storing), low sugar juice cleansing provides the ability to melt away unnecessary weight. It encourages reduction of the stubborn and medically dangerous visceral fat and reduces your risk of disease overall by cutting short the inflammatory responses in the body.

What to expect when you cleanse

Everybody is different, and every time you cleanse can be different. Click here to go to our FAQ on this topic. We’ve helped thousands of people across Australia quickly and easily kick start a healthy new beginning with our cleanse programs. We’d love to help you too! 

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