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Doesn’t our body have it’s own detox systems? Why would I need to cleanse on top of this?

These are common questions we hear and the short answer is yes – we are built to detox every day. Some of the toxic load on the body comes from natural physiological function – eg: stress produces “toxic” levels of hormone imbalance, or the production of oxidative stress from free radicals. Our natural detoxification mechanisms have been designed to cope with this sort of toxicity.

However, once we add in the increased toxic load of the modern lifestyle and account for repeated, ongoing pressure on our systems, efficient detoxification is compromised. This is where scheduling time to take a break from external toxic loaders on our system becomes important.

The impact of doing a genuine organic cleanse? In 2014, an Australian RMIT study found that consuming an organic diet for 1 week can cause pesticide levels in the body to drop by a whopping 90%! 

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