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Guess what we love here at Greene Street Juice? Greens, greens and more greens! Getting enough leafy greens in can be tough - and the stats reflect that. Did you know that 4 out of 5 Australian Adults don’t meet their minimums when it comes to fruit and veg each day? Have you got your 2 and 5 in today?

We live by the motto that one green juice is never enough so it will come as no surprise that we hold green juices at the heart of our organic juice cleanse programs. With a wide range of cold-pressed juices to fit every cleanse status - from beginner to cleanse guru - one star of the show is our kale detox juice. This is featured in many elixirs, from the Park Avenue - available here to Easy Being Greene - here. With all of our organic juice cleanse programs, it’s easy to incorporate kale. P.S.A Want a mega dose of green veggies, including kale juice, celery juice cleanse, cucumber, spinach and more? The Gut Health Cleanse is our pick for you. Order yours today, here.

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