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According to the longest continuous study on human happiness, The Harvard study of Adult Development, the number one factor to living a long and happy life is to surround yourself with a community of people who you relate to.

We can tell that just by landing here, you are our kind of person! At Greene Street we want to give you the chance to directly connect with like-minded healthy pioneers during and after your cleanse program as part of the Greene Street tribe. This was the driving force behind the exclusive Greene Street Juice Cleanse Community.

Hosted within a closed Facebook group, this community offers information, support and guidance during your program as well as a chance for you to join forces with fellow cleansers. We connect you with this community at the beginning of your cleanse program and we love seeing the collective growth that happens from the connections that are formed.

We also have our amazing global social community found on our public Instagram and Facebook pages. Come join us there to stay in the know on what’s delivering real results in the world of wellness.

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