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Juice Detox FAQ's

Juice Detox FAQ's

Get the 101 on all things Juice Detox from our team Naturopath.

What is a Juice Detox? 

The importance of detoxification has been well established. Ayurveda (the oldest medical science on the planet) is essentially based on detoxification and prevention of toxic accumulation in the body. Toxicity affects every organic system and physiological function in the body – so once you address this, it’s a total game changer. At Greene Street Juice Co, we believe that a juice detox is the fundamental key to achieving a significant improvement in wellbeing and vitality. Consider a juice detox done right your passport to get that healthy glow back. It all comes down to the quality and integrity of the juice detox product (which is where we come in!)

Benefits of a Juice Detox 

When we first discovered how to juice detox for ourselves back in 2012, we were blown away by how quickly and easily it was to revitalise, lose excess weight, regain clarity and energy. 

All of our juice detox programs at Greene Street Juice Co are naturopathically designed to:

  • nourish + hydrate your body with an abundance of fresh, organic and low sugar nutrition. This helps restore energy, radiance and vitality
  • create the right conditions in your body to burn fat fast, while preserving muscle tone
  • support digestion and aid in restoring a healthy gut environment


The top reasons people choose our low sugar, 100% organic juice detox  programs are:

  • to ditch that sluggish feeling + kick start healthy new habits
  • soothe the digestive system and say goodbye to a bloated and uncomfortable stomach
  • fast track healthy weight loss
  • hydrate + rejuvenate skin, hair and nails
  • gain increased energy, mental clarity + vitality
  • strengthen the immune system

Types of Juices for Detox

At Greene Street Juice Co choosing the right types of juices for detox is all done for you.  Our in-house Naturopath ensures that each juice detox menu contains balanced nutrition, a high dose of antioxidants, plus loads of adaptogens and other beneficial botanicals. Your juice detox program is also not “just” juice... it contains 8 elixirs total - a combination of juices, smoothies, nut milks, and in some cases shots or even a broth!

How to Start a Juice Detox

Getting started on your juice detox program is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Pick your juice detox menu, juice cleanse duration and preferred delivery or pick up date.
  2.  We’ll craft the 100% organic low sugar juices, smoothies, nut milks, broths and shots for you.
  3. Woo hoo! Your order arrives! Now all that’s left to do is follow the Cleanse Protocol and get on the way to feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

You can start the process by clicking here.

Preparing for a Juice Detox 

How you prepare for your juice detox can make a huge difference to how you feel during your juice detox. In fact - great preparation is one of our favourite ways to ensure you feel energised. Reducing common triggers such as caffeine and high sugar intake before you start your cleanse can help you feel high on life while you juice. Did you know that Greene Street Juice Co cleanse programs are the lowest sugar in Australia?  At just 3% or less sugar (always naturally occurring, never added) a cleanse program, is a great tool for kicking food cravings fast.

For more information on this as well as loads of other tips for a smooth cleanse experience we offer a thorough Cleanse Protocol free of charge with every juice detox purchased. We also provide personalised Naturopathic support should you require it and are here to answer any questions you may have. Let’s get started, we’re cheering you on!

During the Juice Detox Plan 

You may be expecting to feel lethargic or have a headache during your juice detox plan and while this can sometimes be the case, you may be surprised to hear that most people  report sleeping better, feeling bursting with energy (thanks, ketosis!) and having noticeably improved mood and mental focus while they cleanse too. In fact we often hear that people feel so good on their cleanse that they wish to extend it. 

It’s important to remember that your body is working hard while you are on a juice detox plan, so allowing space for rest if you need it is a great choice. Following your Cleanse Protocol is the perfect way to guide you smoothly through the cleanse experience. Ready to give it a go? Order your organic detox program here.

After the Juice Detox Plan 

Greene Street Juice Co clients often report feeling renewed after their cleanse. Transformations are our game! If you’re keen to keep feeling fantastic after your juice detox program and love the benefits organic juices and smoothies provide, we recommend booking a weekly order for the custom box or weekly celery pack. This is the set and forget option for a fresh influx of vibrant vitamins and minerals all week long. The Intermittent Fasting Monthly Pack is also a wonderful way of keeping on track with your health goals between longer cleanses..

Health Benefits of a Juice Detox

Juice detoxing has been a widely used wellness method for thousands of years. Done right, an organic juice detox is your go-to to deal with the constant intake of environmental nasties, a way for you to quickly and easily hit reset and stay ahead of the inevitable toxic build up game. This can give you a ton of healthful benefits - think: more mental clarity, better sleep, glowing skin, a fresh approach to food choices and easy weight loss. 

Done wrong, however, and it’s just another fad diet… which is where Greene Street Juice Co comes in. We’re here to ensure that your juice detox does what we say it will. We’ve been at the top of the juice detox game for close to a decade and are so confident that you’ll love your cleanse results that we even offer a money back guarantee.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels and Nutrient Absorption 

One of the (many!) great things about Greene Street Juice Co’s 100% organic juices, smoothies, nut milks, shots and broths is that they are bioavailable [easily absorbed] nutrition. The production process of cold pressing or blending your elixirs means you'll get the goodness from more produce than you could possibly eat without digestive discomfort in a day… Did you know that some of our menus contain over 26 servings of veggies per day! That’s a lot of kale to chew through. By drinking your vitamins, your body will have an overabundance of nutrients to nurture healthy detoxification pathways, as well as to replenish any nutritional gaps.

On a juice detox, you are also providing your gut with digestive rest. Less effort is required to break down nutrition and so your tummy can take a much needed break. The result for you equals less bloating and inflammation across the board… and on this note: did you know that digestive epithelial cells renew within the incredibly speedy average of just 5 days? Imagine the difference 5-days of organic bioavailable nutrition loaded with high quality enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants could make to digestive cell quality in that time.

When it comes to improved blood sugar, Greene Street Juice Co organic juice detox cleanse programs are designed in-house by a Naturopath to contain no more than 3% sugars (always naturally occurring, never added.) By carefully ensuring our menus stay this low in sugar, you’ll score the benefits of ketosis, which includes burning fat for fuel as well as improved blood sugar levels overall. This is one of the many reasons we’re proud to offer the lowest sugar juice detox programs in Australia.

Improved Mental Clarity and Focus

As the leaders in the Aussie juice detox industry, Greene Street Juice Co have been helping clients to stack up the juice detox benefits for close to a decade. These include seeing  numbers drop on the scale, experiencing glowing skin, brighter eyes and less bloating, though it’s often the significant mental and emotional benefits that surprise people. Deeper sleep, improved mental clarity and razor sharp focus are all commonly reported as cleanse results, as is waking up refreshed and bursting with life in the morning. Yes please!


Weight Loss or Weight Gain Management

We’ve helped thousands of Aussies shed extra kilos and feel better in their own skin. One of the most common cleanse goals we hear from clients is weight loss or weight gain management and we’re delighted to provide real life results. Are you ready for your own transformation? Head over to the cleanse shop and order your organic detox program here.

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