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Juice Cleanse FAQ's

Juice Cleanse FAQ's

Find out the why behind all your big cleanse questions.


What is a Juice Cleanse? 

A juice cleanse is a wellbeing maintenance tool that can offer big results in a short period of time.

Juice cleanses at Greene Street Juice co are designed to offer you a much needed break. When it comes to cleansing it’s as much about what you put in as what you leave out: we like to think of our organic juice cleanse programs as the Marie Kondo effect for your body. Declutter within and emerge feeling light + bright. A juice cleanse is not a long term eating plan or very restrictive diet - done right, it’s a total transformation.

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

An organic juice cleanse is your go-to to deal with the constant intake of environmental nasties, a way for you to quickly and easily hit reset and stay ahead of the inevitable toxic build up game. This can give you a ton of healthful benefits - think: more mental clarity, better sleep, glowing skin, a fresh approach to food choices and easy weight loss. The results speak for themselves!

Types of Juice Cleanses

Not all juice cleanses are created equal… quality matters! When choosing a juice cleanse it is important to opt for a company you can trust, who meets all the necessary criteria. 

Some key aspects to look for are: 

  • menus crafted by a qualified health professional: either a Naturopath or Nutritionist. 
  • Full ingredient transparency:  especially when it comes to using 100% organic ingredients, how many servings of vegetable and fruit you will find in each bottle and sugar levels. 
  • Packaging integrity: always select a brand that bottles in glass, to avoid harmful plastic leaching. 

P.S.A. Greene Street Juice Co are proud to meet all of these criteria AND more. We offer the lowest sugar cleanse programs in Australia and are so confident you will love your cleanse results, we even offer a money back guarantee. Safe to say, we’ve got your back.

Preparing for a Juice Cleanse

How you prepare for your juice cleanse can make a huge difference to how you feel throughout your juice cleanse. This is why Greene Street Juice Co offers a thorough Cleanse Protocol ebook, free of charge, with every cleanse. We also offer personalised Naturopathic support should you require it. For even more information on preparing for a juice cleanse we have created the Healthy at Home ebook, Cleanse at Home ebook and our seasonal cleanse BONUS Pre and Post Cleanse eating ebook.

Juice at home or buy juice?

What you put into your body first thing can have a profound impact on the rest of your day! We’re big believers that freshly cold pressed is always best, which is why we cold press to order at Greene Street Juice Co. In this busy day and age juicing at home can feel messy and time consuming. Many of our clients just don’t have the time and space to commit to it regularly, which is where we come in. If you want the benefits of juicing daily, you can buy juice in our economical custom box or weekly celery pack and score the benefits without all the effort. 

If you’re not sure what steps to take when making your juice at home, or don’t have access to great recipes (especially if you wish to cleanse) we highly recommend the Cleanse at Home ebook. This is a structured DIY cleanse program crafted by our in-house Naturopath, offering recipes and tips for creating your own juice cleanse at home. We also offer a wide variety of juice cleanse menus made to order online

Pre-Cleanse Meal Planning

The Healthy at Home ebook is your definitive guide to quick, easy and fresh meals for staying on track, so if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to pre-cleanse meal planning we’ve got your back!  

Don’t forget: with every juice cleanse order you place, you will also receive our Naturopath formulated Cleanse Protocol. This includes pre-cleanse meal ideas, cleanse supporting snacks and tips for other ways you can boost detoxification, naturally.

Understanding Your Diet Goals

Feeling overwhelmed by all the information available online for diet goals, or eating for weight loss is a common experience. There are a lot of voices out there! It can be tough to know who to trust, so we always recommend choosing a company that offers qualified professional support and calls on scientific research for their offerings. 

Our top pick for most bodies keen on burning fat and refreshing eating habits with a giant pool of evidence based research behind it is the Intermittent Fasting Monthly Pack. This easy to follow and meticulously calculated program has been Naturopath deigned to align with current research for metabolic plasticity (AKA adapting to fat burning) to be a proven weight loss technique with real life examples. You can check out the 1 month results from Alicia - below - to see just how well this works!. P.S. This is not a one off, we’re in the business of transformations… see other client results here.

During the Cleanse

We like to take the guesswork out of your juice cleanse experience. By giving you a set menu of what to drink and when, all the thinking is done ahead of time. Just drink your juices, smoothies and broths at or around the times outlined in the menu and your day will feel balanced. This also ensures you 

don’t run out of juice ahead of time, or come to the end of a day with some of your cleanse leftover.  


Your cleanse box contains everything you need to have the best cleanse experience and smash your health goals. You get:

  • 8 x organic elixirs each day with a menu showing you what to drink, when.
  • A detailed cleanse protocol with all our top tips for before, during and after your cleanse to ensure you reach cleanse guru status.
  • Professional Naturopathic support and access to our exclusive Greene Street Juice cleanse community to help you every step of the way.

Everybody is different, and every time you cleanse can be different. We’ve helped thousands of people across Australia quickly and easily kick start a healthy new beginning with our cleanse programs. We’d love to help you too! Getting started is as simple as clicking here. Let's do this together.

Guidelines and Rules for a Successful Cleanse

There are plenty of ways you can support the flow of a  smooth and successful juice cleanse. 

Our team Naturopath’s top 3 tips are:

  • Choose the right menu for your needs (or when in doubt - go for the Reset… our most popular cleanse program for a reason!)
  • Preorder to prepare. Reading through your Cleanse Protocol and waning off caffeine and sugar before you start your cleanse make a huge difference. 
  • Support your body while on the juice cleanse. Take time to rest, dry body brush or visit the infrared sauna to boost detoxifying results.
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