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Cold Pressed Juice FAQ's

Cold Pressed Juice FAQ's

We've compiled all your questions, answered in one place by our team Naturopath. Rapid fire style... and go!


What is Cold Pressed Juice? 

The term cold pressed refers to the juice extraction method. Cold pressed juice comes from using a crushing motion where pressure is used to remove the juice rather than applying heat. Cold pressed juice is hands down the best way to extract all the goodness from fruits and vegetables.


The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice 

The cold pressed juice extraction method (while it can be more time consuming) yields more juice of better quality than centrifugal extraction does. This means better nutrient retention of things like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants… all of which creates healthier outcomes for you! It’s why we go the extra mile and cold press here at Greene Street Juice Co.


How Is Cold Pressed Juice Different? 

Research has shown that cold pressing better preserves antioxidants.  Particularly, research shows that carotenoids were better preserved through cold pressed juicing (hello glowing skin!) Likewise, avoiding heat application has been shown to better preserve the vitamin C content in juice… So say hi to immune and inflammation support too.


Fresh vs. Regular Juices 

There is a huge difference between fresh juice bottled in glass vs the regular juices you may find in plastic on a supermarket shelf. Greene Street Juice Co products are made fresh daily and we don't heat treat our products in any way. This ensures retention of all the things that help to support immunity, gut health and energy levels. We also bottle in glass to prevent plastic leaching into your 100% organic juice.


On the supermarket shelf, additives and pasteurisation kills the vitamin content of the product. These products also have notoriously high sugar content. Couple this with the plastic packaging that can leach into the juice and there really is no comparison on quality! 


Want to try our range out for yourself? The mixed box is our crowd fave way of experiencing different products outside of a cleanse. Order yours for delivery in VIC or QLD, as well as pick up in Prahran here.


The Process of Cold Pressing

Many people prefer to purchase their cold pressed juice, as making it at home can be time consuming and messy. Washing, chopping and peeling produce is important, as is carefully cleaning the juicer and work area afterwards. Sound like a lot of work? That’s where we come in. For a video on how Greene Street Juice Co cold press juice, check our team out in action here or visit our store to explore the range here.


Shelf Life of Cold Pressed Juice

Greene Street Juice Co juices and smoothies operate like the rest of your living, fresh foods. We’re proud of our shorter shelf life as it shows the quality and cleanliness of the product. On average, there is a refrigerated shelf life of 4-7 days. 


Tools Used to Make Cold Pressed Juice

To make cold pressed juice requires rigorous food safety and refrigeration processes. At Greene Street Juice we use a top of the line commercial hand press cold pressed juicer from the US to ensure maximum extraction benefits. 


If you are juicing at home and are interested in purchasing a cold pressed juicer, we fondly recall the beginnings of our own juicing journey back in NYC. Our Angel juicer was basically a family member then and we still own it today! For more information and recipes that can help you juice more at home, explore the Cleanse at Home ebook. This includes lots of simple juice recipes our in house Naturopath would make herself. Get ready to experience the huge difference cold pressed juice can make!


The Difference Between a Juicer and a Blender

The easiest way to differentiate between a juicer and a blender comes down to the product. Think of blenders for smoothies, while juicers are for cold pressed juices. 


When making a smoothie, a blender leaves no byproduct. This means drinking smoothies is a great way to ensure that plant fibre is included in your diet. It’s also a great method for getting in those superfoods you may not ordinarily eat like Spirulina or Flaxseeds... Did you know: Research proves that increasing your plant variety feeds the health of your body, in fact including 30+ plants per week is the best way of supporting strong immunity and a healthy microbiome! Finally, plant fibres can also help lower the glycemic index of a food, so smoothies made in your blender are great for feeling fuller for longer and ensuring energy is balanced. Consider these your mealtime liquids.


Now to juicing. Once we remove the plant fibre by cold pressed juicing, the ingredients matter more - especially when thinking about sugar. Did you know that Greene Street Juice Co are the lowest sugar cleanse company in Australia? Every single one of our menus is Naturopathically formulated to contain 3% or less sugar (always natural, never added.) This is a huge perk for your juice quality as the recipes for juice are planned meticulously by our in house Naturopath to taste delicious and also avoid sugar spikes in your day. A ‘green’ juice that contains 6 apples and a sprig of mint from the local cafe is very different in contents to the Park Avenue, Greene Street Classic, Classic Apple Free, Greene Spice, Pure Celery and Easy Being Greene. Each of these juices in the Greene Street range show exactly how many serves of fruit and veg go into the creation of them. So there are no blood sugar spiking surprises around the corner.


With cold pressed juicing, it is also possible to access larger volumes of bioavailable nutrition in one glass. Simply put - when the solids are out, the volume is much smaller. Many of our juice cleanse programs contain up to 26 serves of fresh organic vegetables per day as a result of including cold pressed juices in the plan.  This makes cold pressed juicing a great way to replenish nutritional gaps in a natural and easy way… A tip that would be useful to the 4 out of 5 Aussies the CSIRO found don’t actually meet their veggie minimums each day. 


So what does this all mean? When it comes to comparing the difference between a juicer and a blender, both methods make healthy meals and snacks when done right. In fact, a Greene Street Juice Co cleanse will always include both juices and smoothies in the menu.


Best Places to Purchase or Make Your Own Cold Pressed Juice

We always say that homemade fresh is best! But if you want to skip the washing, cleaning, chopping and overall time consuming process - Greene Street Juice is your close second place. Our products are made to order, 100% organic and only use the freshest ingredients and extraction methods.

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