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Transformative Intermittent Fasting Pack results - this could be you!

Transformative Intermittent Fasting Pack results - this could be you!

P.S.A.Consistency is key...This could be you!

Check out the transformative results of organic juice cleansing for just 2 days per week, across a month period. If you have ever wanted to do a longer juice cleanse but can't figure out how to squeeze it into your busy schedule  and find yourself asking some of the common juice cleanse FAQ’s such as will I feel tired? Or, what do I do if I  have social commitments?  Then the Intermittent Fasting Monthly Pack is for you.

 What it is: 2 x carefully balanced cleanse days per week, structured by our Naturopath to fit the wealth of 5:2 Intermittent Fasting research available. 

How it works: Cleanse twice per week (P.S.A. These days do not need to be consecutive!) across 4 x weeks for better metabolic flexibility and reduced body fat. All the thinking is done for you - no calorie counting required!

 Client results: in just one month, this client is 4kg down. Compared with a 19% starting body fat, they are now at 14.5% via a pinch test.

 Still unsure if this is a good fit for you? Hear from the client herself: "I feel amazing! The journey has been great and will be continuing with the 5:2 as I try to find my balance with everything else in life. It has been a great reset for me being a small business owner and mum of a busy almost 2yo. Feeling really energised. Honestly I’ve said it to the girls when I pick up, it's been a great lifestyle shift, it has helped me combat so many other health issues such as bloating/gut health, low energy, and PCOS & endo pain.

I’ve also been able to cut down my alcohol consumption on special occasions. So thank you for this program. It's made it so much easier to feel healthy and stay motivated!"

Ready to transform your lifestyle? Place your IF Monthly pack order here.

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