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Looking for a Naturopath formulated custom juice pack that supports Immunity? This is your guide. Because it's that time of year again...

The temperature is falling; flu germs are everywhere and while we are all well and truly sick of the pandemic… it’s not sick of us just yet. 

No wonder we are being asked “which juices are best for immunity” by so many of our community members in store.   

To help answer your questions, we chatted to team Naturopath Jen Cox about how she chooses juices that support immunity and virus recovery in her own home.  

Jen has specialised in cleansing as a Naturopath and herbalist for over a decade, so whether you are grabbing some juice for yourself of a loved one, if immunity and virus recovery are on your mind, we recommend taking a quick look. 

To make things easy she has used the framework of our ever-popular Custom Juice Pack [Pssst… To get straight to the exact 8 packs she recommends for immunity and cold/virus support, scroll down and screen shot!] 

For Jen’s tips, read on.



 1. Choose juices that will keep the veggie content high.

GSJ: Why are veggie juices so important?

JC: The human body is by and large a self-healing organism. Unfortunately, we’re just not that great at giving it the tools in really needs for that job.  

Let me back this up with some context. Statistically speaking, we have what I like to refer to as “lifestyle overextension” here in Australia. Our “normal” is not actually that healthy – most of us experience chronic stress, poor sleep, admit to drinking {or not drinking] water at a level that creates chronic dehydration and overindulging in processed convenience foods. Unfortunately, something’s got to give.

With all the other challenges going on [stress, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and poor diet] we are also falling short on the recommended veggie minimums for the day. So, you can see how already – before we even encounter a cold or a virus, just at a baseline - the body probably often doesn’t have access to the tools it requires for a proper defence and/or recovery process. 

This is where a daily veggie-based juice can work wonders. Adding in an easy to digest, gentle and absorbable source of vegetable nutrition can be a great way of bridging those gaps. It’s not about feeling embarrassed or ashamed that you haven’t met the minimums, a veggie juice is all about making healthy as easy as possible to do. For something maintainable and manageable as a lifestyle addition, just one juice per day is perfection. Choose options like the Bronx, Pure Celery or Park Avenue will smash your veggie minimums for the day and offer a whole host of added detox benefits.

2. Prioritise anti-inflammatory ingredients.

GSJ: What should our community look for when it comes to managing inflammation and what is the link to immunity?

JC: Inflammation comes standard in the package when we get sick. It happens at the first sign of a cold and can also be chronic [long term] when autoimmunity occurs or if we have other underlying health conditions, which will make us more susceptible to illness in the first place. Overall, inflammation plays a role in both susceptibility to colds and the immune response itself.

This explains why, when it comes to recovery speed, managing inflammation is key. All those yucky symptoms like brain fog or headache, aches, pains, and fatigue can be supported by reducing things that are “inflammation feeders” [think: processed foods, stress, overexercising and poor sleep] and boosting the things that dampen the inflammatory response [eating anti-inflammatory foods and juices, as well as good old-fashioned rest.]

There are a few key ingredients to look for when considering inflammation and these include things like ginger, turmeric and matcha green tea. All three of these have research to support their action as an anti-inflammatory agent. Our go to juices for a triple hit of these ingredients are the High Line and the Greene Spice, though even the Greene Street Classic and Bronx will offer dietary support for measured inflammation response with their ginger content.

3. Focus on maintainable solutions.

GSJLet’s make healthy easy. How do you recommend our clients consume these 8 packs? Is there a specific order, number, or time to have them?

JC: Working juice into your day should be flexible. There is no right or wrong way to drink your juice, the right timing for you will be more about understanding your actual gaps and needs than sticking to a set schedule. Think: healthy habit building rather than restriction.

Start with one juice per day – a totally manageable intake – and I invite you to choose a place for it where that juice can best support a lifestyle upgrade. This will offer compounding benefits over time, rather than a quick fix which means a small investment can be truly transformative. 

Example 1: maybe you are aware that chronic stress is an issue for you. Maybe you tend to get up, rush out the door and fuel your stressed adrenals on coffee way too often, in which case a morning nourishing juice would be a great swap for one of those coffees or simply has 30 mins before one.

Example 2: maybe you reach for a processed snack mid-afternoon, crave salty or sweet foods because your body is TRULY craving a quality source of nutrition to get through the rest of the day… in which case a juice can be your swap [or addition!] there. 

The moral of the story is, choose what works best for you, by adding in what you can maintain.

The great thing about GSJ juices is they are living foods which are easy to digest. There are no additives or preservatives used, and the produce is always organic, so we know that the nutrition we gain access to is high quality.  To keep things simple, if you are getting one 8-pack to cover a daily juice plan, opt for the colourful juices first as these have the shorter shelf life, with one on the day of your pick up or delivery, then using the greens up next and finishing with the Pure Celery. This will give you maximum nutritional availability throughout the week. 

What’s in the box? Screenshot for the full recommended line up and place your order here 


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