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Not all juice cleanses are created equal. To cut through the noise and get the most from your juice cleanse, our In-House Naturopath recommends applying these 3 best practice tips. These tips are for you if you’re new to cleansing, not sure how the process really works or want to get truly transformative results.

Always cleanse organic.

Why we love it: When it comes to your cleanse, we use organic produce, all the time. This choice is made to reduce the influx of toxins coming in, so your body has more space to process what’s currently stored.  Scientific evidence supports this - an RMIT study found eating only organic for just one week could reduce pesticide levels in the body by up to 90%. 

Why you’ll love it: The success of your cleanse is as much about what you put in your body as what you avoid. Skipping on pesticides means you will feel better, think better and cleanse more deeply than with a conventional produce cleanse.

Insider tip: Every year, the Environmental Working Group releases a list of the most (and least) sprayed produce. This list is relatively consistent year on year, so while we will always choose 100% organic produce for your cleanse - the list can offer insight into which items to get organic every time A.K.A the “Dirty Dozen” and which are probably OK as conventional (after a decent wash) in life after your cleanse A.K.A the “Clean 15”.

Make sure your menu is a good fit.

Why we love it: We believe that a tailored approach will always fit better than one size. Selecting a program that fits your specific cleanse goals, experience level and nutritional needs is not only likely to improve your overall experience, it will also laser focus results.

How it helps you: Choosing the right menu for your unique body is one of our favourite ways of ensuring a proper detox. You’ll find this helps with motivation, avoiding hunger and ensuring you can stick to the process.

Insider tip: All our menus are Naturopath formulated to be function focused for the main cleanse goals we see. If you have dietary needs or feel specific health support is required, we’ll arrange a custom menu crafted just for you by our in-house health professionals (at no extra cost!) 

Take a whole lifestyle view.

Why we love it: A juice cleanse provides digestive rest and reduces the toxic load we experience via diet - but what about the rest? Modern life has us exposed to environmental toxins in our water, air, skincare, and cleaning products so it makes sense to address these for a holistic cleanse too.

Why you’ll love it: Making low tox upgrades that extend into your life beyond your first cleanse help keep that fresh “new normal” feeling going. Expect to feel more energised, bright eyed and experience a more balanced metabolism ongoing as a result.

Insider tip: We’re a holistic bunch who believe the MOST transformative change is cumulative. It happens in the daily rituals and self-love practices. Dry body brushing, swapping out conventional skincare for organic or committing to a deep breathing practice every morning are all simple ways of boosting your natural detoxification processes, ongoing. Likewise, committing to a seasonal cleanse is our favourite way of systematically coming back to ourselves at regular intervals.

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