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Detox organs don’t need support – they are designed to cleanse us already!

This is partly true - our bodies are designed to detoxify us all the time and do a fantastic job of it! We are born with innate pathways built into these clever bodies of ours that process the metabolic waste we create and help shift the other nasties that we ingest.

However, there is no way that these clever detox systems could evolve at the same rates our modern lifestyles have… and it shows in the ways we feel. So many of us struggle with feeling sluggish, fatigued, carrying weight that won’t seem to shift or feel out of control with eating patterns. So many of our bodies are showing signs that our detox organs could use some extra love. By listening to our bodies, we can check in on when those clever detox organs need some extra support and change up the norm accordingly.

Some of the factors that will contribute to how well our detox systems function are: 

We live in a society that glorifies stress. 
The cult of busy-ness is real! As are the risks stress can pose to our long- and short-term health outcomes. Stress can mess with so many factors that play a role in detoxification: hormones, how much alcohol or coffee we choose to consume, sleep quality and overall dietary choices to name a few. It’s also a key factor in many of the more chronic diseases that plague Aussies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than a third of us experience a high level of stress “always” or “often” while a larger number still state they feel stressed regularly. Ultimately, feeling stressed often will have a flow on effect to other lifestyle factors that can play a big role in detox organ function.

We live sedentary lifestyles. 
Most of us are sitting at a desk all day, rather than moving our bodies naturally and/or getting regular structured exercise. According to the Australian department of health, more than half of Aussies don’t meet their daily activity guidelines. Movement impacts how well our detoxification pathways work – especially organs like the lungs, skin and bowel, so it's important to factor in movement when assessing how detox friendly your lifestyle is.

We are exposed to a vast array of environmental toxins. 
These are in the water we drink, the air that we breathe, cleaning products we use in our homes and skincare/perfumes we put on our bodies. While it is difficult to calculate how many we are exposed to definitively, it has been estimated that the average person is exposed to 700+ different environmental toxins every day. We can reduce our environmental toxin load by choosing organic where possible, swapping to natural cleaning and skin products, installing water filters, and getting out into nature to exercise as much as possible. This will have a cumulative impact on toxic load in the body.

We have a national lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet. 
CSIRO data states that 4 out of 5 adults do not meet their fruit and veg minimums daily. This means most of us lack the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fibre for healthy, natural detoxification. With such a large gap in the diet where adequate plans should sit, we also increase the likelihood of consuming more of those foods that can negatively impact detox organs (think high fat, added sugar / salt and overly processed foods) giving this point a two-pronged effect. Double ouch.

We don’t drink enough water. 
Water Logic data sees 8 in 10 adults not drinking enough water for healthy bodily functions. This not only impacts how energised we feel or how clearly we think, it can be detrimental to our detox pathways, which all rely on healthy hydration levels for optimal function.  


The GSJ Solution.

Our detox organs are overloaded by the modern world and deserve a break… We’re all human! 

We love a regime of simple, seasonal cleanses that nourish the body in the ways it needs to function optimally. By including Naturopath and Nutritionist approved blended smoothies, low fruit/high vegetable cold-pressed juices, warming soups, and healing broths a GSJ cleanse can nurture the detox pathways that work so hard to keep you feeling well.

An organic cleanse program will also limit the influx of those things that can overload our gorgeous bods on the daily. Your cleanse is the perfect time to recentre and re-evaluate what may no longer serve you. Think of it as permission to let sh!t go… a great jumping off point for refreshed healthy living (or to get back to centre when you fall off the wagon.)

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