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Autumn Immunity Tips

Autumn Immunity Tips

Top 3 Tips for Autumn Wellbeing

Protect and nurture your immunity as the weather cools with our Naturopath's seasonal tips.

1. Schedule your Autumn Cleanse

This menu provides a massive influx of valuable vitamins and minerals to deeply support the body’s defence system. Autumn Immunity is also adaptogen rich, to support the body when coping with stress (long term stress can mess with immunity and drain our vitality… no thanks!) Book in a fast track refresh here.

2. Boost lymphatic drainage

Supporting lymphatic flow improves waste removal, including unwanted bacteria, viruses and other nasties. The lymphatic system is integral top healthy immune function.

Some ways to support lymphatic drainage are:

  • Walking! Your muscles pumping also help to move lymph through the body
  • Dry body brushing (don't forget to "open" the lymph nodes with a brief massage at collarbone, groin and underarms first)
  • Stretching and restorative yoga poses - such as resting with your legs up a wall 
  • Visiting the sauna or indulging in a lymphatic drainage massage
  • Hydrate hydrate hydrate. The more (quality filtered) water we drink, the easier detoxification is, including through the lymphatic system.

3. Feed the good bugs

Outside of your cleanse, its important to nurture your microbiome as so much of your immunity is based in the gut! Getting the good bugs on side makes a HUGE difference to your first line of defence as the weather cools.

Some ways to support good bugs are:

  • limit "foods" that damage microbial balance. Think of this as the big 4: over processed, high sugar, too much alcohol and additives.
  • Eat more fibre rich plants. The gold standard for microbial diversity is 30 plant varieties per week! Fun fact: you will hit this in one day on your cleanse. 😄
  • Get quality rest. Your immune system and microbial diversity are impacted by stress and sleep.

If this is all feeling a little overwhelming - check out this short 1min video of Jen (our team Naturopath) describing how she boosts her seasonal cleanse for better immune support.


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