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How many serves? The truth about nutrition in Australia (and how to beat the odds)

How many serves? The truth about nutrition in Australia (and how to beat the odds)

How do our diets really match up?

When we think of the Aussie lifestyle we often think of sun, sea, fresh food and an outdoorsy lifestyle. So why are so many of us struggling with feeling tired, suffering brain fog, weight gain and digestive issues?

This likely comes down to diet. We looked at the data from our gold standard resource the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) for tips on what the Aussie diet REALLY looks like.

Here's what do the stats say:

  • 4 out of 5 Aussies do not meet the minimums for health across fruit and veg serves each day
  • Only 4 out of 10 adults report eating three or more different vegetables at their main meal - an indicator of a healthy diet.
  • Alcohol, cakes and biscuits, chocolate and confectionery, and takeaway foods were found to be the biggest contributors to the Aussie diet - at around 28 serves per week!

With processed and high sugar foods on the rise and real, whole fruits and veggies slipping through the cracks it stands to reason that one of the BEST things you can do for your health as an Aussie is to eat (or drink) more fruit and veg… especially across the party season!

To hit your minimums each day, here are a few products that pur Naturopath recommends adding to your next order. With just one juice per day, you can become part of the top 20% of Australians who make it across the line for veggie consumption!

Add these top 3 elixirs to your next Mixed Box:

The Bronx: a whopping 6.6 serves of fresh organic veggies go into this juice. Great pre-workout for added muscular oxygenation.

Pure Celery: 5.5 serves of organic celery, straight up. Down this first thing for a healthy, happy digestive system.

Greene Spice: Speaking of digestion, this is our Naturopath's favourite digestive soother. Plus, it has 5 serves of green veg per bottle!

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