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The 2023 Gift Guide: for better health + more energy this festive season.

The 2023 Gift Guide: for better health + more energy this festive season.

Give the gift of a clear mind, body confidence and more energy this silly season...

A custom pack for the Entertainer:

Whether they are hosting or need some support to recover the next day... customise this pack with any 8 elixirs they will like. Got a serious entertainer on your hands? For larger events we also offer Event pricing and custom labels!

The Healthy Man and Woman for your partner:

The Healthy Man and Healthy Woman program are designed to completely reboot your wellbeing. These one of a kind programs are both 10 days long and can be completed with your significant other, alongside one another. Great for the couple who cleanse together or love to share an experience! Book the Healthy Woman here and book the Healthy Man here.

A GSJ gift voucher for the last minute gifter (or when you just don't know what to get):

Fit the budget, with immediate email delivery. The ball is in their court - it's their choice  what to spend it on. The most adaptable gift for anything from your office Kris Kringle to placing a quick last minute order on the way to Mum's place for lunch. With $50, $100, $250 and $500 options there is something for everyone. Book it here.

The Intermittent Fasting Pack for the science backed health guru:

The huge body of evidence-based research available to us for metabolic health and longevity are sure to thrill your health guru.  Book a weekly or full month of this 5:2 style pack for the wellness researcher in your life. Book it here.

Pure Celery for the Medical Medium devotee:

Did someone say celery juice? Our Weekly Celery Pack takes all the hard work out of drinking daily celery juice. No cleaning the juicer, no cleaning up afterwards, no washing, no chopping. Just pure 100% organic cold-pressed celery juice delivered to your door with enough for the week ahead. Book it here.

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