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Our Top Hydrators for Warm Weather - 4 out of 5 Aussies need these products!

Our Top Hydrators for Warm Weather - 4 out of 5 Aussies need these products!

Drinking more water as the weather warms is great, but what if the main difference you experience from this is just more frequent bathroom trips? 

Dehydration is very common - in fact 4 out of 5 Aussies experience chronic dehydration.

Research tells us dehydration can:

  • mess with your detox pathways
  • worsen fatigue
  • encourage weight gain or make weight loss tough
  • be a real downer when it comes to sleep, information processing and mood

When it comes to beating these issues here is the key... Hydration is very much about what you absorb rather than just what you drink.

For better detox support, healthy skin and more energy, add our top 3 hydrators to your next custom juice box as recommended by the GSJ Naturopath.

Pure Watermelon - approximately 93% water, Watermelon is a strong contender for best hydrator. Watermelon skin is also rich in the mineral silica, which is key for strong hair & nails and plump, hydrated skin... it's also a great way of carrying water across the digestive barrier for hydration your body can actually use.

The Pure Celery - celery is up to 95% water. It contains many mineral salts and has been championed by the Medical Medium for the benefits these bring to gut health and detox support. In this instance, the occurrence of these natural minerals support the uptake of that high water content into the body, leading to a more bioavailable hydration source than most!

The Hamptons - You'll find the great hydration ingredient watermelon here too, as well as passion fruit for less inflammation in the gut (where your water content is absorbed) and some fat burning ingredients to boot. 🔥

Honourable mention: The Enlightening Liberty (available for a limited time only) - This is your go-to morning hydrator to help battle many of those struggles that dehydration can create. Think metabolic support, fat burning and improved digestion. Yes please!

Head to our custom pack ordering page to book your box of hydrating elixirs, today.

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